1Community CampaignCommunity YouTube / Twitter Campaign #1100,000 BTCZ per week / one week durationVote Passed / Campaign ExpiredResults / Payment Updated
2Community CompetitionCommunity Competition #145,000 - 75,000 BTCZVote PassedResults / Details
3PR & MediaPR & Media Campaign #1150,000 BTCZ +25,000 BTCZ to add new countryVote Passed / Distributing Results / Payment Details
4Twitch TournamentTwitch Tournament Sponsorship #1$850 USD in BTCZVote PassedResults / Payment Details / Twitch Channel
5GUI MinerBranded - All In One Miner #1300,000 BTCZVote Passed / Payment DeliveredResults / Payment Details / Start Mining
6Video MarketingVideo Marketing #1100,000 BTCZVote PassedResults / Payment Details
7Exchange ListingPaid Exchange Listing #1 (crypto-bridge) 400,000 BTCZVote PassedResults / Payment Refunded
8Coinomi WalletCoinomi Wallet Listing #11.25 BTC + 0.25 BTC in BTCZVote PassedResults / Payment Details / Funds Tracker / Get Coinomi
9BitcoinZ Interactive BotsBitcoinZ Bot Continued Development #1150,000 BTCZVote Ended 01/09/2018Vote Not Passed / Proposal Details
10Exchange ListingHash Race Exchange Listing #15 BTC Fund RaiserVote EndedResults / Race Tracker / Race Details
11Ledger Nano S WalletsLedger Nano S Integration #1$895 USDVote Passed / Dev In ProgressResults / Race Tracker
12Logo updateBitcoinZ Logo Update + Marketing Package #1TBDVote EndedVote Not Passed / Proposal Details
13Governance & ProcedureFramework & Method Proposal #1None RequestedCommunity ReviewProposal Details
14SponsorshipHearthstone - Streamer #1$500 - $750 in BTCZ 3monthsVote endedVote Not Passed
15BountyShopify plugin76,000 BTCZVote Passed / Need DevResults & Read Details
16Exchange listingBinance10-25 BTC for BNBVoting / Raising fundsVote Now / Funds Tracker
17Exchange listingCryptopia5 BTC for DOTVoting / Raising fundsVote Now / Funds Tracker
18Decimal PlacesSatoshi PlacesN/AVote endedVote Not Passed / Read Details
19MasternodesSide-Chain MasternodesN/AVote endedVote Not Passed / Read Details
20Social MediaPaid Social Media Activity$600 / 1000 / 3000Vote endedVote Not Passed / Read Details
21BountyLogo For Btcz.news5,000 BTCZ Bounty Outstanding Bounty Details
22MarketingPromotion on$400 USD in BTCZVote Passed / Need ExecutionDetails & Results
23MarketingMarketing, rebranding, redesignN/AVote Not PassedDetails & Results
24Micro Loans - Social ResponsibilityCharity through Kiva lending platform$50 - $100 USD in BTCZVote Passed / Need ExecutionDetails & Results
25BountyBitcoinZ Products Page - Adoption Initiative - Site Design & Integration200,000 BTCZVote Passed / Need ExecutionDetails & Results
26Press ReleasesBitcoinZ - Press Releases To Coin Media Outlets$750 (currently)Vote passedDetails & Results
27Community Funding - VaultZUpdating node source to split a percentage of block reward to community feeN/APassedDetails

Promotional Videos

1What is BitcoinZ? - VoskCoinEnglishWatch Now
2What is BitcoinZ (BTCZ)? How does Bitcoin 2.0 work?RussianWatch Now
3Como Minerar a criptomoeda BitcoinZPortuguesWatch Now
4Fastest Transfer? BitcoinZ ($BTCZ) Crowdfunded CryptoEnglishWatch Now
5How-To - BitcoinZ GUI MinerEnglishWatch Now
6How-To - Hash4 Lottery GUI MinerEnglishWatch Now
7How-To - BTCZ.ME Shareable Link SystemEnglishWatch Now
8How-To - Generate Paper WalletEnglishWatch Now
9How-To - Fold Your Paper WalletEnglishWatch Now
10What is BitcoinZ? How Does Bitcoin 2.0 Work? EnglishWatch Now
11==BitcoinZ== Awesome MINING coin and Review - CryptoJitsuEnglishWatch Now
12BitcoinZ Bounty Announcement @TheCoinKingsEnglishWatch Now
13BitcoinZ (BTCZ) Dev Team UNMASKED - Seth EstradaEnglishWatch Now

Help Wanted

#TypeDescriptionWeb LinkRepository
1WebsitePrimary WebsiteLinkGitHub
2WebsiteProgress / Info BulletinLinkGitHub
3WebsiteDonation Funds TrackerLinkGitHub
4WebsiteGuides SiteLinkGitHub
5WalletCopay WalletLinkGitHub
6Moderation / PostingRedditLinkN/A
7Moderation / PostingFacebook GroupLinkN/A
8Moderation / PostingTwitterLinkN/A
9BlockchainRun testnet node / Zhash BitcoinZ (Completed)LinkGitHub
10PoolRun testnet z-nomp (Completed)LinkGitHub
11MiningAMD MinerLinkBitcoinTalk
12ExplorerZhash Testnet Explorer (Completed)LinkN/A
13MiningTest Zhasher Nvidia CUDA (Completed)LinkGithub
14Moderation / PostingInstagram AccountLinkN/A


1Live Meetup #1Completed11 / 19 / 2017View Now
2Live Meetup #2Completed12 / 03 / 2017 - 8 am UTC / 3 am ETView Now
3Discord Community Audio Chat #1Completed 12 / 16 / 2017 5:00PM UTC / 9:00AM PST / 12:00PM ESTJoin Discord
4Live Meetup #3Completed01 / 07 / 2018 @ 4pm UTC / 10am CST View Now
5Live Meetup #4Completed03 / 11 / 2018 @ 3pm UTC / 9am CST View Now
6TxtZ - SMS/Text BitcoinZ Announcement #1Completed04 / 15 / 2018 @ 3pm UTC / 9am CSTView Now
7Live Recap / Voice chat sessionCompleted05 / 16 / 2018 @ 6pm UTC / 1pm CSTView Now
8Live Stream 6/03/2018 - The Zhash ForkingCompleted06 / 03 / 2018 @ 4pm UTC / 11am CSTView Now


#DescriptionStatusDate LaunchedLinksBudget
1YouTube Campaign #1Expired11 / 24 / 2017Full Details50,000 BTCZ
2Twitter Campaign #1Expired11 / 24 / 2017Full Details50,000 BTCZ
3Twitter Campaign #2Expired11 / 29 / 2017Full Details100,000 BTCZ
4Donations For Hash Power Round #2Expired12 / 01 / 2017Details / Campaign Completed50KSol/s Volunteers
5Community YouTube / Twitter Campaign #1Expired12 / 08 / 2017Payment Details100,000 BTCZ
6Community Competition Campaign #1Expired12 / 08 / 2017Full Details45,000 - 75,000 BTCZ
7Hash4 Inaugural Lottery #1 Completed01 / 18 / 2018Full Details10% of Total BTCZ Mined
8Mission Statement Competition #1Active (Phase 1: collection)02 / 19 / 2018Full DetailsN/A
9Chancefx + BitcoinZ Twitter CampaignExpired03 / 18 / 2018Full Details1,000 BTCZ per tweet - game monetization platformVote won!03 / 14 / 2018Full DetailsN/A - Win vote
11Hash LotteryOn-going / reset every Sunday01 / 18 / 2018Full Details / Lottery GUI Miner10% of Total BTCZ Mined
12Bounty - Start Accepting BitcoinZ As PaymentExpired05 / 10 / 2018How-To / Bounty Announcement6,000 BTCZ Seed Wallet for Gaming LaunchExpired05 / 10 / 2018Details / Seed Wallet1,388,889 BTCZ


1Exmo4 BTC + 1 BTC in BTCZ + 5 BTC after listingActiveTrade Page / Payment Details
2BTC-Alpha1.5 BTC or 1 BTC + 0.5 BTC in BTCZ ActiveTrade Page / Payment Details
3Crex24.com50,000 BTCZActiveSite Page / Payment Details
4(STEX) Stocks.Exchange0.08 BTC + 0.02 ETH pairActiveTrade Page / Payment Details
5GraviexN/AActiveTrade Page / N/A
8C-Cex4 BTCInactiveN/A
9BarterDEX100,000 BTCZActive (Electrum mode enabled)N/A
10Exrates.me2 BTCInactiveSite Page / Payment Details
11Coinbene10 BTCPayment RefundedN/A
12Crypto-Bridge400,000 BTCZPayment RefundedSite Page
13VICex.ioTBDInactiveVoting Won
14DontoshiTBDInactiveVoting Page
15LESCOVEXTBDInactiveVoting Page
16CoinpulseTBDInactiveVoting Page
17CoindealTBDInactiveVoting Page
18Next.exchangeTBDInactiveVoting Page
19Eucoin.ioTBDInactiveSite Page
20CoinFalconTBDInactiveVoting Page
21CobinHoodTBDInactiveSite Page
22Altcoin.ioTBDInactiveVoting Page
23MercatoxTBDInactiveVoting Page
24CryptalDashTBDInactiveVoting Page
25Cex.ioTBDInactiveVoting Page
26CoinEgg.comTBDInactiveSite Page / Details
27Binance10-25 BTC for BNBInactiveSubmit / Site Page
28exvo0,25 BTC InactiveSubmit / Site Page
29BittrexN/AInactiveSite Page
30Coss.io200,000 COSS (~10k USD)InactiveSubmit / Site Page
31Kucoin.comTBDInactiveSubmit / Site Page
32Poloniex.comTBDInactiveSubmit / Site Page
33Coinexchange.io4 BTCInactiveSite Page
34Cryptopia> 100k USDInactiveSite Page / Paytopia
35HitBTC20 BTCInactiveSite Page
36Livecoin6 BTCInactiveSite Page$10,000 USD InactiveSite Page
38CoinRail5 BTCInactiveSite Page


1WalletCompletedBackend wallet services migrated N/A
2ExplorerCompletedInsight explorers deployed and operationalN/A
3WalletCompletedBackend wallet services migrated See list
4WalletCompletedWeb wallet operationalVisit Wallet
5MonitoringCompletedMonitor script created using ZABBIX for wallet services; email notifications sent to community emailN/A update price API to pull from coinmarketcap last price; update marketcap to instant updateExplorer
7DomainsPending; pending transfer - currently managing via cloudflare DNSN/A
8ForumsPending forum will be decommissioned due to required license and infrastructure; we will rely on publically available sites for informationN/A
9Sites / ServicesIn testingTesting load balancing of wallet services and websites N/A
10TOR NodeCompletedTOR Node address: xiv7crijwn4i4hwj.onion / sp6lvlurevy4fplr.onion / gdpdza5folyjtvll.onionTutorial
11MyBTCZWallet Decommissioned25,774 BTCZ paid for active monthsPayment Details MarketplaceCompletedBuy and sell using BitcoinZVisit Marketplace
13Domain TransfersPartially / mybitcoinzwallet.comPayment Details
14Blockchain BootstrapCompletedDownload blockchain for BitcoinZDownload
15Explorer MaintenanceCompletedUpgraded bitcoinz to latest buildExplorer
16Payment GatewayNow live!Payment gateway for developers to integrate BitcoinZGateway Site / Service Details
17IP.Board Nexus Payment ModuleNow live!IP.Board MOduleGitHub
18CubeCart Payment ModuleNow live!Cubecart module for integration of BitcoinZ paymentsGitHub / CubeCart Module
19BitcoinZ ForumsLaunchedBitcoinZ ForumsVisit Forums
20WooCommerceNow live!WooCommerce ModuleGitHub
21Personal Wallet URLNow live!Generate your wallet address URL! (ex. now
22Magento Payment ModuleNow live!Integrate BitcoinZ payments in MagentoGitHub
23TxtZ - SMS Send/Receive BitcoinZ Demo Completed / Release pendingSend receive BitcoinZ using Text message only!Watch Demo / GitHub
24BlockchainFork Completed / Block 160,000Zhash ASIC resistent algoAnnouncement / Github
25Accepting BitcoinZIn progressBusiness Currently Accepting BitcoinZ as PaymentBTCZ Directory
26Mining Operating SystemLive / BetaZhashOS: Linux based USB bootable mining operation system - dev: Overdrive5 @ DiscordZhashOS
27Explorer domainRenewed - 1 year0.002704 from BTC chestTransaction Details
28Explorer serverRenewed - 1 year520,000 BTCZ (~$480) from BTCZ chestTransaction Details
29TxtZ (Servicing Switzerland)ActiveTxtZ maintained by MarcelusDetails
30VaultZActiveVaultZ Implemented 5% per block 625BTCZDetails


1Swing Wallet UICompletedWindows core wallet createdGitHub
2Swing Wallet UICompletedWindows core wallet updated with seeders; addresses 0 connection issueGitHub
3CoPay Wallet system CompletedRotation and load balancing of mobile wallet services is causing minor stability issues; pushing the boundaries of decentralizationN/A
4Core node walletCompletedIntegration of updated zcash core will be merged with bitcoinz core node wallet system; updated zkSNARKs handling; merged zcash 1.0.13Release Notes
5Windows Gui WalletCancelledCommunity member was writing a windows wallet with custom GUI.See example
6Android, iOS, macOS, Linux, Windows CoPay Wallet (MyBitcoinZ)Android, macOS, Linux completedCoPay wallet system is undergoing revision; update of links may be required; redistribution may be required N/A
7Copay wallet systemCompletedRemoving Bitcoin Cash (BCH) support to lighten the code base; please move your coins outN/A
8Coinomi walletCompletedCoinomi wallet for Android and iOSGet Wallet Now!
9Paper walletCompletedPrint wallets to paper; Nice paper design availableCreate wallet
10Paper walletCompletedAlignment fix for Firefox / Chrome now live!Get Wallet Now!
11Swing Wallet UICompletedUpdated explorer in wallet GUI to explorer.btcz.rocksGitHub